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Cyberpunk 2077's Top Tech Weapons: Unlock the Power - WHMP
Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Cyberpunk 2077’s Top Tech Weapons: Unlock the Power


Game Name: Cyberpunk 2077

Released: December 10, 2020 Developer(s): CD Projekt Red


Gear up, Night City mercenaries! In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, firepower is paramount, and our guide is here to unveil the top-tier Tech weapons that will elevate your arsenal. From blazing pistols to devastating snipers, we’ve curated a list of the best, providing insights into their stats, unique passives, and why they deserve a spot in your inventory. Let’s dive into the futuristic mayhem and discover the game-changers that will redefine your combat experience.

  1. Scorch – The Starter Tech Pistol:

Scorch kicks off our list, offering a fiery touch with a 20% Burn chance. While its passives might not steal the spotlight, its bursts of three rounds and decent range make it a reliable starter.

  1. Lizzie – Ammo-Efficient Tech Pistol:

Lizzie may lack in range, but its ammo efficiency and quick bursts compensate. With an open mod slot, it’s customizable to suit your needs, making it a handy sidearm.

  1. Gris-Gris – Unwieldy Yet Unique Tech Revolver:

Gris-Gris shakes things up with a unique full-auto mode and a chance to upload random Quickhacks on hit. Its camera-shaking drawback is balanced by potent damage and customization options.

  1. Chaos – RNG Fun in a Tech Pistol:

Chaos lives up to its name with an RNG-based passive, randomizing crit chance, damage type, and status effects after each reload. While unreliable, its uniqueness and mod slot make it a fun addition to your arsenal.

  1. Ambition – The Tech Pistol with a Purpose:

Ambition edges ahead with a Blind-inducing shot, rendering enemies helpless. With comparable stats to Chaos, Ambition’s utility and reliability earn it a higher rank.

  1. Rasetsu – Precision in a Tech Sniper Rifle:

Rasetsu packs a punch with high damage and a unique charged shot that penetrates enemies. While slow, its 300% headshot damage multiplier ensures efficient elimination.

  1. Raiju – Reigning Supreme Among Tech SMGs:

Raiju claims the title of the best Tech submachine gun, boasting unmatched speed and handling. Its ability to penetrate cover without charging adds a tactical edge, making it a go-to choice.

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  1. Comrade’s Hammer – The Devastating Tech Revolver:

Comrade’s Hammer delivers unparalleled damage, functioning more like a miniaturized rocket launcher. With potent buffs and automatic reloads, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

  1. Widow Maker – Precision and Power in a Tech Precision Rifle:

Widow Maker combines the characteristics of a shotgun and a sniper rifle, excelling in close-to-medium-range combat. With armor penetration and Poison chance, it outperforms in both organic and mechanical encounters.

  1. Breakthrough – The Apex Predator of Tech Sniper Rifles:

Breaking through the competition, Breakthrough claims the crown as the best Tech weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Boasting immense damage, 100% armor penetration, and a unique charged shot mechanic, it’s the ultimate choice for precision and power.


Whether you’re a Netrunner or a Solo, these Tech weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 offer diverse playstyles and unparalleled firepower. Choose your arsenal wisely, mercenary, and let the chaos of Night City unfold at the tip of your trigger finger. The future is in your hands—make it a blaze of glory!

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