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E-learning - WHMP
Thursday, February 15, 2024


Complete Tutorial for Python Basic Exercise for Beginners?

Python Basic Exercises for Beginners. This tutorial is designed to help beginners get familiar with Python programming concepts through hands-on exercises. We will cover fundamental Python topics, including data...

Write a code to create a payroll management system in python

Creating a complete payroll management system is quite extensive, and it would be beyond the scope of a single code snippet. However, I can...

How to Create a Grammar Checker Tool in Python Language by using Chat Gpt Prompt?

You may write and speak properly and get what you want by using appropriate grammar and correctly written words. Whether you are writing an...

Python Basic Exercise for Beginners by Chat GPT

Python Basic (Part 1): Practice Exercises and Solutions Question 1: To print the following string in a certain format, create a Python program (see output). "Twinkle,...

How to make a word counter in python through CHAT gpt

Learn how How to make a word counter in python Method 2: To create a word counter in Python, you can use a function that takes...
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