What are the locations of Republic Chests in Fortnite?

locations of Republic Chests
locations of Republic Chests

Republic Chests can be found in various locations throughout the map in Fortnite. These chests are typically found near the ruins or ancient structures scattered across the island. Some popular locations where Republic Chests are commonly found include Boney Burbs, Weeping Woods, and Coral Castle. It’s also worth noting that Republic Chests have a blue glow, making them easier to spot from a distance. Keep an eye out for these chests during your gameplay, and don’t forget to search them thoroughly for valuable loot!

Fortnite is once again being taken over by Star Wars with the introduction of a brand-new event called Find the Force. This event offers a plethora of new quests, items, and cosmetics to the popular battle royale game. To earn all of the skins and complete the entire event reward track, players need to complete various quests, including opening a Republic Chest. Even if players are not interested in completing the event, it’s a good idea to search for these chests during the game as they contain the immensely powerful DC-15 Blaster, which has infinite ammo and a long-range.

To find Republic Chests, players need to go to one of the three locations on the Chapter 4 Season 2 map. The first location is between The Citadel and Shattered Slabs, the second location is to the west of Slappy Shores, and the third location is by the road southwest of Frenzy Fields. Players need to land at one of these spots and search the white tent-like buildings for the chests.

Inside each Republic Chest, you’ll discover a new DC-15 Blaster firearm, as well as a collection of random support or healing items. You can expect to find Medkits, Small Shield Potions, and Chug Splashes quite often, so you’ll be well-prepared for combat with the items obtained from the Republic Chests.


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