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Download Cyber Rebellion on PC: A Complete Guide to the Cyber Rebellion Tier List - WHMP
Thursday, February 22, 2024

Download Cyber Rebellion on PC: A Complete Guide to the Cyber Rebellion Tier List



Character selection is crucial for success in the dynamic world of gacha role-playing games. With its futuristic mix of strategy and combat, Cyber Rebellion gives players a wide selection of characters to pick from. It can be difficult to navigate this selection process and tell worthwhile investments from stepping stones. Enter the Cyber Rebellion Tier List, a thorough manual designed to show you the way to triumph. With almost 60 different characters, each with advantages and disadvantages, this guide reveals the best heroes and offers priceless insights into their skills. It’s your ticket to mastering strategy in this battleground of the future.

Before we delve into the tier list, it’s essential to note that the ultimate gaming experience awaits you on your PC with BlueStacks. Our Android app player ensures smooth gameplay at a stunning 60 FPS and superior graphics, liberating you from the constraints of mobile devices. Now, let’s explore the secrets of Cyber Rebellion’s most formidable heroes and uncover their potential for greatness.

The Best Cyber Rebellion Tier List:

In Cyber Rebellion, assembling a formidable team of heroes is the first step toward becoming a strategic mastermind. Understanding how to acquire these heroes and, more crucially, which ones to aim for is key. The cornerstone of hero acquisition in Cyber Rebellion is the Permanent Recruit banner, serving as the primary gateway to recruiting heroes. This banner offers players the chance to obtain characters of varying ranks to strengthen their teams.

Here are the base rates for character recruitment in the Permanent Recruit banner:

  • SS Characters: 2.800% Chance
  • S Characters: 11.200% Chance
  • A Characters: 43% Chance
  • B Characters: 43% Chance

While these rates provide an overview of the chances of recruiting characters of specific ranks, it’s crucial to understand that each individual hero within these ranks carries its unique probability of appearing.

Cyber Rebellion Tier List – Top Picks:

S Tier Heroes:

  1. Leyva – Ghost (SS, Support):
  • Leyva manipulates energy, dealing formidable damage while mastering debuffs like Stunned and DEF Down.
  1. Leyva – Starring Diva (SS, Support):
  • Transforms into a lifeline for her team, excelling in healing abilities and providing a Shelter buff for resurrection.
  1. Saki – Byakko (SS, Assault):
  • A versatile DPS unit that thrives on complexity, applying Byakko marks to enhance the effectiveness of her skills.
  1. Saki – Suzaku (SS, Assault):
  • Focuses on inflicting bleeding and burning debuffs, excelling in single-target burst DPS.

A Tier Heroes:

  1. Catherine – Dirty Gold (SS, Support):
  • A unique support character specializing in pilfering enemy buffs and swapping HP with an enemy.
  1. Saki – Zangetsu (SS, Assault):
  • Exhibits versatility in delivering finishing blows to injured adversaries.
  1. Leyva – Neuromancer (SS, Support):
  • Takes on a more offensive role while offering crucial support with significant AoE damage potential.
  1. Noam – Ember in Ashes (SS, Tank):
  • A robust tank character providing durability and resilience to the squad.

B Tier Heroes:

  1. Rosa – Matrix Runner (SS, Destroyer):
  • Shines in stealing enemy ATK and unleashing chaos with powerful AoE skills.
  1. Rik – Raiden (SS, Destroyer):
  • An early-game powerhouse specializing in dealing massive damage in the initial stages of battle.
  1. Seer – Oracle (SS, Support):
  • Occupies a unique hybrid role, combining elements of both DPS and support.
  1. Candido – Barrage Fortress (SS, Tank):
  • An offensive tank capable of dealing damage based on the target’s max HP.

C Tier Heroes:

  1. Victor – Prosthetic Doctor (SS, Destroyer):
  • Finds himself in the C Tier due to lackluster stats and a relatively weak kit.
  1. Pastoral – Augmentor (SS, Assault):
  • Exhibits strength but is vulnerable to attacks due to a unique trade-off relying on her own HP.
  1. Any Base Form Unit (N/A, N/A):
  • Without the benefit of Fission, falls into the C Tier, lacking the inherent strength of evolved counterparts.


In Cyber Rebellion, the journey to victory is paved with the careful selection of heroes. This tier list serves as your guide, offering insight into the best heroes to lead your team to glory. Whether you opt for the unrivaled champions of the S Tier, the dependable choices of the B Tier, or even considerations of the C Tier, every hero has a role to play. As you embark on your adventure, remember the importance of strategy and synergy. The heroes you recruit and the formations you craft will determine your success. Armed with this knowledge, the fate of Skyline City lies in your capable hands. Commander, assemble your dream team and forge a path to greatness in Cyber Rebellion. The future of humanity rests on your shoulders, and the battle for survival awaits. Download Cyber Rebellion on PC with BlueStacks for an unparalleled gaming experience.

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