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Mastering the Finest Weapons: Final Fantasy 16 Guide
Friday, February 16, 2024

Final Fantasy 16 Bomb King location and tips: how to beat the b rank hunt for ‘Weird Science’


As Final Fantasy 16 continues to captivate players with its immersive world and challenging hunts, one of the notable adversaries, the Bomb King, has emerged as a key target in the game. With the ‘Weird Science’ quest leading players to this formidable opponent, the hunt for the Bomb King has sparked curiosity and excitement among the gaming community.

Location of the Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16

The Bomb King, designated as a B Rank Hunt, is introduced to players during the ‘Weird Science’ side quest, which appears on the Hunt Board. The quest directs Clive to a specific area on the map, The Crock in Sanbreque, located east of The Dragon’s Aery and north of The Imperial Chase. Players can fast-travel to The Dragon’s Aery obelisk and head south to reach the Bomb King’s location swiftly.

Here’s a map reference for the precise location of the Bomb King:

Tips for Confronting the Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16

As players prepare to face the Bomb King, a Level 33 B Rank Notorious Mark known for its projectile attacks, mastering effective strategies becomes crucial. Here are some key tips to consider:

  1. Utilize high damaging abilities: Focus on abilities such as Titan, Phoenix, or Ifrit, as the Bomb King lacks a stagger bar, rendering stagger abilities ineffective.
  2. Optimize Clive’s Limit Break: Prioritize Clive’s most powerful abilities immediately after activating the Limit Break, as the gauge diminishes during ability animation.
  3. Equip the Berserker Ring: Take advantage of the Berserker Ring for increased damage output, triggered by a Precision Dodge, particularly useful during the Bomb King encounter to counter its projectile assaults.
  4. Employ Will-o’-the-Wykes for added protection: Leverage the fire ability Will-o’-the-Wykes to create a protective shield for Clive while dealing damage to enemies, serving as a defense against the Bomb King’s attacks.
  5. Respec for strategic advantage: Utilize the option to refund Ability Points and reallocate them to master more effective abilities, enhancing your combat strategy against the Bomb King.

Rewards for Defeating the Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16

Players who successfully conquer the Bomb King will be rewarded with valuable items and resources, including:

  • 1 Bomb Ember
  • 1 Meteorite
  • 1,000 EXP
  • 65 Ability Points
  • 20 Renown
  • 9,000 Gil

Upon defeating the Bomb King, players can return to Owain at the Hideaway, who will utilize the spoils to craft a Treated Potion Satchel, expanding the potion inventory size.

Best of luck to all adventurers taking on the challenge of the Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16!

Tips on How to Beat Bomb King in Final Fantasy 16
1. Avoid Stagger Abilities: Since Bomb King lacks a stagger bar, opt for high damaging abilities like Titan, Phoenix, or Ifrit. Avoid equipping stagger abilities such as Garuda’s Aerial Blast or Gouge.
2. Utilize Clive’s Limit Break: Activate Clive’s Limit Break to maximize damage output with his most potent abilities. Prioritize the best abilities as the Limit Break gauge diminishes during the ability animation.
3. Use the Berserker Ring: Equip the Berserker Ring to enhance Clive’s damage potential after executing a Precision Dodge. This tactic proves valuable during the Bomb King encounter, especially when evading its projectile attacks.

Bomb Ember in Final Fantasy 16: A Rare Crafting Material

Bomb Ember, a scarce resource within Final Fantasy 16, holds a crucial role as a crafting component for the formidable Excalibur weapon. Acquiring this elusive Bomb Ember necessitates the defeat of a notorious adversary, the Bomb King. Discover more about obtaining the Bomb Ember and its various applications through this comprehensive material guide for FF16.

Illustrating the essence of a smoldering bomb’s soul brought to life by mysterious enchantments, the Bomb Ember is essentially a scorching hot rock, albeit with a multitude of practical uses. This valuable resource can be obtained by emerging victorious against the Bomb King.

How to Obtain Bomb Ember in Final Fantasy 16

To acquire the Bomb Ember, one must claim it as the exclusive spoils following the triumph over the Bomb King, a Notorious Mark. This opportunity arises upon accepting the Wierd Science side quest in The Hideaway, accessible via the Hunt Board. Unlocking the Wierd Science quest involves advancing through the main storyline until the completion of the Out of the Shadow main quest, where assistance to Mid in her project is required.

Utilizing Bomb Ember in Final Fantasy 16

The Bomb Ember serves as a vital ingredient in crafting the Excalibur, a formidable sword renowned for swiftly vanquishing monsters and foes with its substantial attack power and staggering capabilities. Unlocking the Excalibur demands the completion of the Blacksmith’s Blues II side quest, which becomes available subsequent to aiding Mid with her project during the Out of the Shadow main quest.

  • Attack: 268
  • Stagger: 268

While modern-day renditions like The Adventures of Sir Crandall tend to embellish the tale considerably, historians do concur that in the distant past, the nations of Valisthea were briefly united under a solitary king and his loyal band of knights. Whether he was indeed crowned upon extracting a sword from a stone remains a subject of ongoing debate.

Crafting Materials:

  • 300 Wyrrite
  • 1 Grimalkin Hide
  • 1 Bomb Ember
  • 1 Scarletite

The Ultimate Arsenal: Mastering the Finest Weapons in Final Fantasy 16

By Samuel Heaney, Revka, Laura May Randell, and 12 more
Last Updated: August 9, 2023

This comprehensive Final Fantasy 16 guide unveils the most powerful weapons available in the game, along with detailed instructions on how to craft them. Delve into the secrets of the unique Eikonic blades and uncover the methods to create these legendary artifacts.

List of the Finest Weapons in Final Fantasy 16:

  1. Stormcry
    Damage: 135 | Stagger: 135
    “So spurred by her cries did wind become storm” – Eikonomachy – Book of Gales 13:32
  2. Materials:
  • 1x Wind Shard Stormcry is the inaugural Eikonic weapon that players can forge after defeating Garuda, the Warden of the Wind, during the Awakening main quest.
  1. Flametongue
    Damage: 180 | Stagger: 180
    “With a tongue of flame spake he the words of destruction.” – Eikonomachy – Book of Brin 17:10
  • 1x Stormcry
  • 1x Fire Shard
  • 1x Meteorite

Guide Notes: Each weapon’s power and special attributes contribute to an unforgettable gameplay experience, ensuring that players can conquer even the most challenging quests and adversaries. Unleash the full potential of these legendary weapons and carve your path to victory in Final Fantasy 16.

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